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Years ago, sales people networked with a business card in one hand and a box of index cards in the other. We have created the perfect tool for sales people to create their own leads and build a large customer base. EZ Sales Pro Lifetime Communicator combines today's technologies with yesterday’s relationship-building skills. We are dedicated to bringing back the professional sales person in today's markets. With EZ Sales Pro the sky is the limit!
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Each Communicator is equipped with the features needed to be a automobile sales professional in today's market. Make it easy for customers to…

- Share on social media
- Refer a Customer
- Rate your performance
- Watch the Lifetime Video
- Search Dealer Inventory
- and much more
The Lifetime Communicator has a dedicated page to play the video and answers all the frequent questions about lifetime warranty like…

- Who backs it?
- What is covered?
- Where can I get service?
- Where do I get repairs?
- Whats the catch?
- and more!
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Sales Pro Tools
The admin page of your website and mobile site have tools to help you as a sales professional. 

Search Engines for vehicles:
Search for front line ready dealer inventory or find a vehicle from a private seller and make 2 car deals!

Kelly Blue Book:
Always have trade values in the palm of your hand.

Objection Grid and closes:
Mastering objections so you can move more people through tje process to a write up.

Mail Chimp:
Create emails that can automatically do your follow up with your previous customers. ASK FOR REFERRALS! 

And Much More!
Put your own personal icon on everyone’s phone. No more business cards that most likely get discarded.Your Lifetime Communicator will have all your contact information making it easy to contact you. Your clients can just touch and
Call, Email and even share on their social media

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