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Our Lifetime warranty is the ultimate branding and marketing tool. Our dealers have experienced a 12% increase in new car sales volume and a 14% increase in used car sales volume. You can effectively increase your market reach by providing a value driven reason for the customer to choose your dealership over the competition.
Our Lifetime warranty is a great selling and gross tool as well. Our dealers have experienced an average increase in front end selling gross of $323.00 above the cost of the warranty. You no longer have to be the lowest price in the market for the customer to choose buying form you. Just consider the value proposition to your customer as it relates to peace of mind.
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One of the biggest misconceptions of the Lifetime warranty is that by giving away a long term power train warranty it will have a negative impact on VSC sales. That is totally incorrect infact our dealers have had an average increase of 12% in VSC and enormous increases in PPM sales. The customers heightened awareness of the warranty makes it an easy transition with the business manager. This provides a great "TEE UP" for up-sell opportunity.
One of the big benefits of the Lifetime Warranty is the benefit that the fixed operations will experience. We train your ASM's to use Lifetime Warranty in a way to increase customer pay repair orders. We do this by identifying the customer on the drive as a Lifetime customer. Since the only thing the customer has to complete to remain eligible is the routine maintenance no one will throw them the keys and say just change the oil!
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